Sleep in Your Favorite Position Without Harming Your Health


Doctors claim that it is your favorite sleep position which will cause problems together with your health. Meanwhile, you do not need to change your habits to be healthy, you only got to make some corrections.

If you sleep on your side

Scientists acknowledged that spinal fluid gets obviate toxins better if we sleep on our side. It reduces headaches and therefore the risk of getting Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Additionally, sleep on the left side eases heartburn but increases the pressure on the liver.

  • In case of digestive issues doctors recommend sleeping on the left side. It helps improve the bloodstream, relieving the gullet and therefore the stomach.
  • To keep your back straight once you sleep on your side, put a tough and little pillow between your legs: it’ll reduce the pressure on joints. Put a soft and large pillow under your head.
  • In case of high vital sign and problems with blood circulation it’s recommended to sleep on your right side: it’ll reduce the pressure on your heart.

If you sleep on your back

Sleeping on your back is that the best position if you’ve got spine and joint problems. This position also prevents heartburn and wrinkles. But it’s one among the worst positions if you’ve got nose problems, high vital sign, or snore.

  • To get obviate snoring, use a “plump” pillow (or alittle under your neck pillow) in order that upper air-passages are within the correct position.
  • In case of a runny nose use a few of pillows to lift your head. this may prevent mucus from staying in your sinuses (the angle should not be overlarge so it doesn’t harm your neck).
  • In case of back and joint pain put alittle pillow under your neck, an enormous but flat pillow under your knees, and a twisted towel under your lower back. It’ll support the spine and ensure normal blood flow.

If you sleep on your stomach

Japanese researchers acknowledged that sleeping face down helps to scale back vital sign, improve digestion, and obtain obviate snoring and heartburn.

  • To protect the spine from excessive bending and reduce the pressure on the lower back, put a little pillow under your stomach and pelvic region. A pillow under your head should be flat otherwise you just can remove it in order that your neck doesn’t suffer.

The fetal position

The position where knees are raised high to the chin is often comfy but it affects our back health. This curved position that limits diaphragmatic breathing will prevent you from snoring but if you’ve got breathing issues, like asthma, it’s suggested to avoid this sleeping position altogether.

  • To straighten your back, confirm your legs and arms are within the correct position and your chest is “free.” Put one big and soft pillow between your legs and another one between your elbows. Doctors think that the right pillow to place under your head may be a small but puffy pillow to carry your neck.


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